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Van Gogh Ver. IV #2

Acrylic on Canvas

48" x 36"

Peter Max's reimagining of modern master Vincent van Gogh's self-portrait is a stunning homage to one of the most influential figures in Western art history. 

Throughout his career Max has been influenced by van Gogh's groundbreaking painting techniques - impulsive and expressive brushwork and bold, dramatic color that captures the mood or emotion of a certain time and space. 

In 'Van Gogh,' Peter Max interprets one of van Gogh's many self-portraits with his own daring and kinetic brushwork and contoured forms in brilliant and undaunted color. Both artists were inspired to paint floral still lifes, nature, the heavens and fascinating portraits. Max's compelling portrait of the artist who helped define the foundations of modern art is a striking tribute. 

©ALP, Inc. 

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