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Umbrella Man With Landscape III Ver. IV #4

Acrylic on Canvas

30" x 40"

The 'Umbrella Man' is one of Peter Max's most famous signature characters emerging in the early years of his Neo-Fauve, color study of the 1980s. Originally inspired by a famous photograph of the cellist Pablo Casals, playing his cello on the beach, 'Umbrella Man' is a sort of Felliniesque character, with his coat, hat and umbrella rendered in a surge of colors looking into the horizon ahead. 

This 'Umbrella Man' painting holds a more rare color composition - soft, pale colors reflecting from the sky to the sea on the horizon. It is also a more panoramic composition for the subject. He is still and serene, holding his umbrella steadily while observing the expansive landscape before him; all rendered in the artist's fluid, expressionistic brushstrokes. The study of nature and witness have been a motif in the artist's work since 1965.

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