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Umbrella Man I

Regular price $5,000

Rare Vintage Lithograph


21 x 30

One from a numbered edition of 200 signed by Peter Max. 

The 'Umbrella Man' is one of Peter Max's most famous signature characters - a Felliniesque figure, with coat, hat and umbrella looking towards the horizon. Max's 'Umbrella Man' emerged in his drawings in the early 1980s. 

This vintage, 1982 lithograph is made more rare with one of the artist's earliest 'Umbrella Man' compositions. His subject is in motion, leaning with the wind, an oblique form ready to explore the horizon ahead of him. 

Max's later 'Umbrella Man' were rendered straight and upright, making this work truly uncommon. The artist's signature bold, euphoric colors add to the energy of the piece - beaming with excitement for the joyful journey ahead. 

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