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Reclining Woman Ver. I #2

Acrylic on Canvas

30" x 40"

The 'Reclining Woman' originated as a collage subject for Peter Max in 1967. The artist then rendered her in Asian-themed drawings throughout the 1970s; and she re-emerged in color and on canvas in the 1980s.

A Matisse-inspired odalisque in form and color, the 'Reclining Woman' is an aesthetic and sensual creature, delighted in her languor and physical appeal. Amid the softly-painted walls of her room, she is surrounded by florals - on her dress, the upholstery of her Victorian-style couch and in a large decorative vase at her feet. The artist paints her in a spectrum of colors - soft neutrals for her walls and couch; bold, fauvist accents for her dress and uncommonly-colored hair. She languishes in them all. 

©ALP, Inc.

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