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Midget’s Dream

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Rare Vintage Poster 

'Midget's Dream' is an historic, fantastical and collectable poster reproduction of a masterwork collage from Peter Max's 'psychedelic surrealism' period of the mid-1960s. In 1964, Max created the 'Bettmann Panopticon' art exhibition in New York City, where he and leading art directors created works from the renowned and extensive Bettmann Archive of historic, photographic images from the U.S. and Europe dating back to the United States Civil War. 

Max continued working with historic photographs during this period, mixing them with avant-garde fashion photographs, finger paint, fluid patterns and textures. He meticulously cut the elements to form mirrored, paneled and 'spotlight' designs with many areas appearing to 'float' from the piece - like a still from a kaleidoscope. Max's intricate and mesmerizing collage, in swirls and cut outs of electric color with sepia-toned figures in the foreground, is a surrealistic vision reminiscent of the works of Hieronymus Bosch of the Middle Ages, who also influenced Salvador Dali. 


24 x 36   © ALP, Inc.

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