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Kaleidoscopic Lips

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Rare Vintage Poster 

'Kaleidoscopic Lips' expresses the pinnacle of Peter Max's "psychedelic collage" period of the mid-1960s. This vintage poster is a surreal and dreamlike collage with images, color and textures that Max chose and meticulously designed and arranged to form entrancing, mirrored and multi-planed patterns - mixing antique and fashion photography. 

Max's mesmerizing circular collage evokes the intricate, geometric configurations of the ancient and spiritual mandala art of Tibet. He places the motion-filled design on a field of bold, electric-colored, organic shapes, reminiscent of Matisse's lively 'cut outs.' These whimsical shapes dance on Max's signature color blends that he created right on the printing press with a 'split fountain' technique. This is a historic and collectable Peter Max vintage poster that defined and spoke to the zeitgeist and aesthetics of a generation. 


36x24 inches copyright ALP Inc

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