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Heart (Orange) Ver. I #3

Mixed Media on Paper

40" x 30"

Peter Max gravitated to his first love, astronomy, early on in his art. <ax's 'Heart - Orange' is an extraordinary example of his 'Cosmic Art' period, in which he expressed his bold, dynamic use of color, form, space, narrative and animated art technique. Max's uplifting interpretation of pop art, addressing the love-and-peace movement and the optimism of the space age, brought him international recognition, broad popularity and celebrated museum and gallery exhibitions. 

In 'Heart - Orange,' an interplanetary traveler navigates a fantastical world alive with Max's astral swirls, celestial flowers and contoured nebulas. Painted in the artist's brilliantly bold color, the traveler journeys with imagination and hope in the light of the sun and with golden love in his heart. 

©ALP, Inc.

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