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Flag With Heart Ver. III #6

Mixed Media on Paper

16" x 16"

Peter Max fell in love with America as a child growing up in Shanghai, through American Jazz radio, comic books, Hollywood movies and Life Magazine covers. He immigrated to the states as a teenager with his parents and made New York City and America his home. He has celebrated the United States with his work for decades; focusing his time and talents on spearheading the Statue of Liberty renovation in the early 1980s, and creating art to provide relief for victims of the September 11th attacks, including painting portraits of the 356 firefighters who lost their lives that day, gifting the portraits to their families. 

In 'Flag with Heart,' the artist honors the innovative, creative and freedom-loving spirit of America and its people - 'a country with a heart,' he says. Max adds love to his expressionistic interpretation of 'Old Glory' with a swirl of a red heart under the stars in the blue field of the canton. He frames the 'stars and stripes' with a border of vibrant color blends accentuated with his signature 'zoople' brushwork of energetic swirls, markings and flourishes - all paying tribute to the country that he loves. 

©ALP, Inc.

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