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Fauve Ver. V #4

Acrylic on Canvas

20" x 16"

As a classically trained realist painter, Peter Max created masterful works of artistic discipline in realism and chiaroscuro early in his career - studying the traditional principles of light, form and color. Through the decades, his work evolved from this foundation. 

With inspiration from modern masters Picasso and Matisse, Peter Max created his 'Fauve V' painting. This dynamic painting has fullness of form drawn from the artist's traditional studies, but with an abstraction and fragmentation of that form - a cubist influence. The portrait is seen looking forward, yet we also see it in profile - showing different viewpoints together within the same space - more cubist elements. 

Max's dynamic brushwork in this piece is filled with strong, unexpected, fauvist color. With Matisse as an influence, Max's inspiration comes from the expressive potency of pure color - creating a stunning and unforgettable painting. 

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