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Different Drummer

Acrylic on Canvas

70" X 45"

Peter Max's 'Different Drummer,' an explosive, definitive work from his 1960s 'Cosmic Art' period, portrays a celestial traveler looking to the future amidst a rainbow-colored galaxy bursting with sun rays, star clusters and planets. Max's black line work, bold color and color-blends in this piece are hallmarks of this period.

Max originally created 'Different Drummer' as poster art for a hip clothing store on Lexington Avenue in Manhattan frequented by hippies and rock stars at the height of the counterculture zeitgeist in the '60s.

'Different Drummer' exemplifies Max's 'Cosmic Art' work where his colorful and euphoric subjects-- gravity-free flyers, space travelers and sages, traverse fantastical landscapes and worlds. His uplifting interpretation of pop art, addressing the love-and-peace movement and the optimism of the space age, brought him international recognition, broad popularity and celebrated museum and gallery exhibitions.

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