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Dega and Window - Ver. I

Acrylic on Canvas

22" x 28"

The 'Dega Man' is one of Peter Max's signature characters that emerged from his drawings in the late '70s and early '80s and became a creative companion. Max's 'Dega' is an extravagantly colorful and gregarious bon vivant, clad in oversized epaulets and lapels, flowing bowties and ascots. He is an enigma - visible and invisible, tangible and abstract, seeming to be everywhere - exploring and experiencing. His face attests all and nothing, and speaks to the temporal transcendence of personality. 

A rare and mysterious work, in 'Dega and Window,' we are drawn with 'Dega Man' to a tiny window illuminated with enigmatic light and form - an opening to an inscrutable beyond. Curious, we try to see what it holds. The window becomes a focal point and poignant symbol for the future unknown. Painted with bold, expressionistic strokes filled with life and vigor in fearless color on a subdued field, this is a conceptually striking and exceptional piece. 

©ALP, Inc. 

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