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Brown Lady

Available in a spectrum of colors, sizes and mediums.

  • Acrylic on Canvas
  • Acrylic on Paper
  • Mixed Media on Paper

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Peter Max created his stunning 'Brown Lady' painting in the early '70s as an homage to the beautiful and influential women in his life. A departure from his profile portraits before and after her, 'Brown Lady' is rare and unique in his body of work in that she faces the viewer with a soft look and peaceful, assured presence.

Max was influenced by the works of Toulouse Lautrec and Alphonse Mucha when creating 'Brown Lady.' Her confident look and wide-brimmed Edwardian hat overflowing with flowers and adornments recall Lautrec's famous women of the Belle Epoque. The flowing curves and natural forms surrounding her evoke the elegant, organic motifs in Mucha's popular Art Nouveau works. Inspirations to Max, both Lautrec and Mucha gained international recognition for their printed works, as did Peter Max decades later. 

'Brown Lady' marks a move from Peter Max's celebrated 'Cosmic Art' period into his expressionistic works. She defines beauty, tranquility and peacefulness expressed through Max's lush, flowing brushwork and extraordinary color palette. 

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