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Berlin Love

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Peter Max's most iconic and popular work from his Cosmic '60s period - 'Love' is an Art Nouveau-inspired poster that graced countless dorm room & board room walls in the Age of Aquarius. 'Love' remains a collector favorite in the decades since.

Just this side of abstract, Max's 'Love' was an essential component of the '60s youth movement - the visual counterpart to the music of the Beatles, Hendrix, The Who and Grateful Dead. In his 'Love' poster, Max executes his signature and innovative 'split fountain' color technique on press to create a smooth color-blended background. His peaceful, cosmic profile grows like a flower through his hand-drawn LOVE letters - simply and elegantly sharing the message of the cultural landscape. 

When Max was invited to mount a 30-year retrospective exhibition at the Berlin Museum, two years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, and in the city of his birth; the artist chose his iconic 'Love' image for this exhibition poster. The timeless message of Peter Max's 'Love' was a fitting symbol for Berlin as it rose from division and oppression to experience new-found freedom. 


33 x 23.13 inches ©ALP, Inc.

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