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Andy With Mustache Ver. III

Acrylic on Canvas

40" x 30"

This extraordinary portrait is Peter Max's tribute to fellow New York City pop art icon Andy Warhol. Both artists collected art deco pottery, gained international recognition in the 1960s, had busy NYC art studios, loved sweets, eclectic music and their friends and fans. 

'Andy with Mustache' is representative of Max's freestyle painting technique that emerged in the 1980s. He began painting with quick-drying acrylics, using large brushes that required movement of his entire body. Max painted robustly, with broad strokes and calligraphic lines, in a style called 'wet-on-wet' by painters like Larry Rivers, mixing colors right on the brush. This expressionistic portrait with Max's signature bold, fauvist color captures the soft-spoken persona of pop innovator and legend Andy Warhol. 

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