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7 Dreams - Dream 2- Mystic Sailing #89

Color Etching

13.5" x 14"

This extraordinary and uncommon work from Peter Max's dream etching series features memories and dreams from his childhood in Shanghai - wise and meditative sages watching Chinese 'junk' boats sail into harbor with their distinctive, curved sails. The artist draws an elegant vase of flowers and geometric moons to balance the composition. 

Printmaking has been central to Max's practice since the 1960s. The etching process is one of the artist's most cherished printmaking art forms, and one of the oldest and most complex. 

In this piece, Max has reversed the use of negative space - creating a dramatic, dark background with his intriguing subjects luminous in white. The etching is hand-colored with electric pencil highlights, and watercolor strokes and line work in the margins - creating a lustrous, unique work of art. 

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