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Sage With Cane (B&W Series) #11

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Mixed Media

Our Gift To You ~ 'The Art of Peter Max' unsigned hardcover, coffee table, art book delivered with your order of a Mixed Media. Website orders only and for a limited time.

A uniquely-overpainted lithograph, hand-signed and embossed with water-color and colored pencils. 

Peter Max's 'Sage with Cane,' from his black and white print series, is rendered with bold and fluid line work with a graceful, narrative simplicity. Max's sage figure, an indelible memory from his childhood in Shanghai, marches with cane in hand in harmony with the celestial dreamscape around him. The radiant sage on the deep ebony background is further illuminated with hand-coloring of soft color wash and kinetic, colored pencil stroke work on the composition, margins and embossment seal - creating a transcendent and otherworldly piece. 


8.75" x 7" ©ALP, Inc.