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Lady With Floating Flowers

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Our Gift To You ~ 'The Art of Peter Max' unsigned hardcover, coffee table, art book delivered with your order of a Lithograph. Website orders only and for a limited time.

A limited edition graphic print on fine archival paper. One from a numbered edition of 500 signed by Peter Max.

In 'Lady with Floating Flowers,' a tranquil flourish of flowers and leaves surround a beautiful woman in profile. The contours of her neck, shoulders, features and fauna around her are rendered in perfect, flowing, calligraphy line work - reminiscent of Matisse and Picasso. She bathes languidly in the dark pool of vividly colored, floating flowers. Peter Max's female profiles are one of his most pre-eminent signatures, and a collector favorite. 

The printing art forms are as important to Max as his painting process, and he has created works with many printing processes throughout his career. In this tranquil and beautiful graphic print, the contrast of the dark background with the woman's pale skin and boldly colored flowers makes for a dramatic and serene piece.  


9 x 11 inches ©ALP, Inc.