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Zero's Friend


27.5" x 21"

A limited edition graphic print on fine archival paper. One from a numbered edition of 165 signed by Peter Max. 

Peter Max's glorious, vintage print, 'Zero's Friend' was a departure from the artist's 'Cosmic Art' period of the 1960s. Instead of drawing in a solid, unbroken line, which had been a hallmark of his earlier works, Max began to minimize his line work - breaking it up so it was more suggestive, more fluid, more Matisse and Picasso-like. 

Peter Max's approach to making art is multi-disciplinary. The artist often works through his inspirations simultaneously in pen, paint and print. The printing art forms are as important to him as his painting process. In this beautiful graphic print, a portrait of the extraterrestrial, cosmopolitan fellow traveler of Max's beloved subject 'Zero,' is rendered in exquisite, fluid, contour lines and soft and stunning color washes. 


©ALP, Inc.

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