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Homage To Picasso V.1 #IV #23

Color Etching

22.5" x 19.5"

Peter Max has created works with many printing processes throughout his career. Max especially cherishes the etching process. In 'Homage to Picasso, V.1' Max pays tribute to Picasso's celebrated, neoclassical 'Vollard Suite.'

A serene, seated nude lounges in her dressing room, basking in the sun's glow through her window. A voluptuous, modern-day Venus, her back is to us, as we observe her private moment. Max has created a neoclassical, formal composition in a contemporary setting - following the form of the idealized nudes of antiquity and the neoclassical intentions of harmony and idealism. 

This elegant etching is hand-colored with soft color-wash and intricate strokes in Max's stunning color palette - adding texture and richness and creating a unique work of art. 

©ALP, Inc.

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