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Homage To Picasso V.I #1 #10

Color Etching 

22.5" x 19.5"

With fascination, experimentation, and curiosity, Peter Max has created works with many printing processes throughout his career. Max especially cherishes the etching process - one of the oldest and most complex printmaking art forms. 

In 'Homage to Picasso' V.I, Peter Max pays tribute in composition and proportion to Picasso's celebrated, neoclassical 'Vollard Suite.'

In Max's homage, his urbane and interplanetary character 'Zero Megalopolis' studies an oversized, monocled-mask with classical features. Revealed in three-quarters, the voluminous mask looks out directly, revealing more than 'Zero' drawn in profile. 

This etching is hand-colored with soft color-wash and energetic, hatching strokes in Max's sumptuous color palette - adding texture, value and light, and making it a unique work of art. 

©ALP, Inc.

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