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Astrological Astralplane

Acrylic on Canvas

60" X 60"

Peter Max's 'Astrological Astralplane,' an extraordinary and definitive work from his 1960s 'Cosmic Art' period, portrays a celestial sphere of heavenly travelers, wise sages and clusters of stars encircling the earth like the constellations. Max's intricate, black line work, powerful color, ethereal elements and fullness of composition in this piece are hallmarks of this period. 

Max's uplifting interpretation of pop art, addressing the peace-and-love movement and the optimism of the space age in the 1960s, brought him international recognition, broad popularity and celebrated museum and gallery exhibitions. 

'Astrological Astralplane' exemplifies this era of Max's works, where his colorful and euphoric subjects traverse and transcend to fantastical landscapes, the astral plane and our universe. As astrophysicist and Hayden Planetarium Director Neil deGrasse Tyson has observed, "Peter Max has managed to capture the soul of the cosmos in his art."

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