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Lady With Feathers

Regular price $5,000

Rare Vintage Lithograph - Limited Quantity 


24 x 20.5

One of 30 Artist's Proofs signed by Peter Max. 

This vintage lithograph, created and printed almost half a century ago, represents the artist's transformation from his world-renown 'Cosmic Art' period of the 1960s to his drawing style that emerged later in the 1970s. 

The artist's bold, definitive lines from his 'Cosmic Art' era become more fluid, echoing the influence of Picasso and Matisse. The fearless, Fauvist color of his previous work is now softened, with gentle washes of soft rose, turquoise and sand with accents of emerald and tangerine adding depth. 

This beautiful and graceful work, one of only 30 Artist Proofs, features one of the artist's favorite subjects - the feminine profile. The lady's eyes are dreamily half-closed as flowers and feathers cascade around her face. This is a work of serenity and tranquility expressed in the artist's flowing lines and gentle color. 

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