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Day Dream: Romance Series

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Emerging from a bold field of scarlet red and with a palette of vibrant primary colors and textured brushwork, the female profile of Peter Max's 'Day Dream' is perhaps the artist's most pre-eminent signature. There is a cubist influence in the work where a plane of flowers meets a blue vase in another plane - brining different perspectives together. The daydreaming lady is content basking in a sweeping flourish and flow of expressionistically painted leaves and blooms. 

This poster is brilliantly reproduced displaying the artist's deep, rich, glorious colors and kinetic flow of detailed brushwork. It's a sensual and joyous work with an elegant Max line drawing printed in the margin. 


24 x 36 inches © ALP, Inc.

  • Posters sold signed and dedicated only.
  • Dedications must include a name(s).
  • Posters are shipped "Signature Required".