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Dega With Hat Ver I #19

Regular price $8,500

Mixed Media on First Day of Issue Envelope 

7" x 10"

Peter Max's 'Dega With Hat' was created on a most personal of mediums - a letter envelope. The 'Dega Man' is one of Max's signature creative companions that emerged from his drawings in the late '70s and early '80s. 

Max's 'Dega' is a gregarious man-about-the-universe. Clad in a traveling suit and derby, he explores and experiences. In this work, Dega's visage looks back at him from a picture window. He is rendered in bold, black line work with serene color wash and pencil against an abstract horizon. 

The envelope is block-stamped with 4 panels of environmental stamp art, in his cosmic-art style, that Max was commissioned to create for the 1997 United Nations Earth Summit. The piece is posted with an illustrative stamp for first day of issue and embossed with Peter Max's artist seals, burnished with colored pencil. 

This is a unique and commemorative work that the artist created for environmental causes, which he has been passionate about throughout his career. 

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