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Umbrella Man With Rainbow Sky On Blends

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Our Gift To You ~ 'The Art of Peter Max' unsigned hardcover, coffee table, art book delivered with your order of a Lithograph. Website orders only and for a limited time.

A limited edition graphic print on fine archival paper. One from a numbered edition of 500 signed by Peter Max. 

Peter Max has used one of his most exhilarating color spectrums in this transcendent and exquisite work. The artist's iconic 'Umbrella Man' subject stands alone in the foreground, witness to the breathtaking and boundless horizon ahead. Max's energetic swirls of clouds, created with multi-colored brushstrokes of bold fuchsias, cerulean blues, citrus yellows and creamy whites, rise above a serene lake, painted with fluid color blend gradations. 

The printing art forms are as important to Max as his painting process, and he has created works with many printing processes throughout his career. In this tranquil and inspiring graphic print, the artist has framed the composition with his signature color blends, a printing technique he has employed since the 1960s. An electrifying border and a striking color blend margin create a stirring and beautiful juxtaposition of color blends around the work. 


12.75" x 10" ©ALP, Inc.