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Looking East #37

Color Etching

19.5" x 23"

This stunning hand-colored etching features one of Peter Max's most famous signature icons - the feminine profile. Max's approach to making art is multidisciplinary, as he often works through his inspirations in pencil, pen, paint and printing. His female profiles emerged from his sketches as early as 1967. 

In 'Looking East #37' Max renders his beautiful subject through the etching process - one of the oldest and most complex printmaking art forms. She faces east, the sun setting behind her - a nod to the artist's influences growing up in Shanghai. 

The fluid etching lines are met with soft-color washes and hand-drawn hatching strokes and swirls in the artist's sublime color palette, adding texture and depth and creating a unique work of art. 

©ALP, Inc.

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