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Grammy 1991 Ver. I #11

Mixed Media on paper

20" x 16"

Peter Max has been invited by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences to create the official GRAMMY™ Awards artwork for six years - no other artist has had that honor. In 'GRAMMY 1991,' Max's vibrantly-colored, and motion-filled brushwork of swirls and flourishes dance on the gramophone form against a star-filled night sky. 

From listening to American jazz radio as a child in Shanghai, China, to creating his first album cover art for blues pianist Meade Lux Lewis in 1962, to stage design and poster art for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Moscow Music Peace Festival and Woodstock '99, to portraits of our most celebrated rock, pop, R&B and jazz musicians; music has always inspired Peter Max and has been a part of his creative process. The artist has always worked in his studio to his favorite songs, often playing along on the keyboards. 

©ALP, Inc.

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