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A Better World

Available in a spectrum of colors, sizes and mediums.

  • Acrylic on Canvas
  • Acrylic on Paper
  • Mixed Media on Paper

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Peter Max's iconic 'A Better World' was originally created for the 1992 'Rock for the Rainforest' concert at Carnegie Hall to benefit The Rainforest Foundation. The concert that year, hosted by Sting and his wife Trudie Styler, featured performances by Elton John, James Taylor, Don Henley, Natalie Cole and Whoopi Goldberg. The Rainforest Foundation works to protect traditional forest environments and its populations. Max has used his talents to work for environmental causes throughout his career. 

'A Better World' is Max's beautiful expression of the elements of nature - the dense flourishes of rainforest trees along the river basin, a sunset reflecting a rainbow of colors on the river, and the trail of soft, downy clouds crossing the sky. A solitary sailboat glides on the river connecting a harmony of the humanity with nature. The artist paints a minimalist profile of a heavenly deva in the sunset with simple and perfect strokes. The work is calm yet full of movement with fluid and expressionistic strokes of bold color.

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