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7 Dreams - Dream 1 - The Blossoming #87

Color Etching

13.5" x 14"

This elegant and rare work from Peter Max's dream etching series features exquisite, flowing line work in the artist's homage to nature - a graceful, floral vase brimming with blooms and a lone, curving, sinuous tree against a horizon of creamy, cumulus clouds - a beautifully unexpected juxtaposition. 

Max often works through his dreams and inspirations simultaneously in pencil, pen, paint and print. He especially cherishes the etching process - one of the oldest and most complex printmaking art forms. 

In this piece, the artist has inverted the use of negative space - creating a dramatic, black background as the subjects are illuminated in white. The etching is hand-colored with candescent pencil highlights, and watercolor strokes and line work in the margins - creating a unique work of art.

©ALP, Inc.

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