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Sage With Umbrella And Cane On Blends #11

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Mixed Media

A uniquely-overpainted lithograph with heavy acrylic embellishment.

Inspired by the monks and sages the artist watched as a child growing up in Shanghai, Peter Max's 'Sage With Umbrella and Cane on Blends' is representative of his energetic, expressionistic brushwork style, and bold, fauvist color that began to emerge in the 1970s. 

In the work, a peaceful sage, holding his umbrella and cane, ponders the future in a dreamscape, scarlet horizon. Created with a striking color palette, the artist has framed the sage with an electric color blend border set against margins of boldly painted color planes. Expressions of hope and tranquility are juxtaposed with dynamic color in this sublime piece. 


12.75" x 10" ©ALP, Inc.