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Profile With Vase (B&W Series) #101

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Mixed Media

Our Gift To You ~ 'The Art of Peter Max' unsigned hardcover, coffee table, art book delivered with your order of a Mixed Media. Website orders only and for a limited time.

This uniquely overpainted lithograph with watercolor and colored pencil features one of Peter Max's most preeminent icons - the female profile, a collector favorite. 'Profile with Vase' is embossed with the artist's seal and hand-embellished and hand-signed by Peter Max. 

Emerging as sketches as early as 1967 and evolving through styles and mediums; Peter Max's female profiles, with their sparse contour of simple, elegant lines, are reminiscent of the works of Matisse and Picasso. This unique  work with a feminine profile reflected on a vase is a joyous flourish of leaves, flowers and a serene and vivid spectrum of color.


8.25" x 6" ©ALP, Inc.