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Heart Series II

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Our Gift To You ~ 'The Art of Peter Max' unsigned hardcover, coffee table, art book delivered with your order of a Lithograph. Website orders only and for a limited time.

A limited edition graphic print on fine archival paper. One from a numbered edition of 300 signed by Peter Max. 

In 'Heart Series II,' Peter Max interprets the universal symbol of love with sumptuous brush strokes, capturing the tranquility of love with its soft planes of color wash and the excitement of love with the artist's kinetic, signature 'zoople' markings in paint and pencil framing the heart. 

Max's approach to making art is multi-disciplinary. He often expresses his inspirations in pen, paint and print. In this beautiful graphic print, the artist uses a rare, darker color palette creating a work of serenity and joy and expressing the fullness of love. 


5 x 4 inches ©ALP, Inc.