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Atlantic Runner

Regular price $3,500

Rare Vintage Serigraph 


14 x 15 

One from a numbered edition of 300 signed by Peter Max. 

This joyful work features an iconic drawing from the peak of Peter Max's epochal 'Cosmic Art' period - an era of works that is called the visual 'voice' of the peace & love generation, and the visual counterpart to the music of the Beatles. 

In this rare serigraph, Max's 'Atlantic Runner' runs in full stride, flower in hand wearing the intricate patterns of the universe. He is from Max's pantheon of 'flower children' who beam with highly charged color and float, fly, run and leap free of gravity, sharing their ethos of exploration, curiosity, peace and love. 

The artist says his style was influenced by his yoga and meditation which he has practiced for over half a century. This exuberant work is quintessential Peter Max, in the style that earned him international recognition and made him a household name. 

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