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Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Helmet

Hand-Painted Official NFL Helmet

Full Size

A hand-painted, one-of-a-kind sports art collectable; Peter Max's Tampa Bay Buccaneers' helmet honors the team's 45th season in the NFL as they head to Super Bowl LV. The 2020 NFC Champion Bucs will be the first team in NFL history to play the Super Bowl in their own home stadium. In Super Bowl LV, the Bucs will strive to be one of only two teams to win all of their Super Bowl appearances. 

Uniquely hand-painted with the artist's expressionistic and boldly-colored brushwork; this Bucs' helmet is embellished with many of Max's signature icons - a sailing zen boat, an early sunrise, colorful profiles, full hearts and cosmic stars, all rendered with his calligraphic black line work and vibrant color-blends. The artist has added swirls and flourishes of thick, multi-colored brushstrokes and his signature, geometric 'zoople' patterns on and around the Buccaneers' helmet logo. 

This work is one of a limited-collection of hand-painted, Peter Max NFL one-of-a-kind helmets. Contact Us to see if a collectable helmet is available of your favorite team. 

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