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Green Bay Packers Helmet-VER. I #188

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Mixed Media

The NFL commissioned Peter Max as the first Official Artist in Super Bowl history and asked him to create commemorative art for five consecutive Super Bowls.

In Super Bowl XXXI, the Green Bay Packers won their third NFL championship game. Honoring this victory, this mixed media work on paper is a collage of a print of Max's hand-painted Green Bay Packers helmet. The iconic 'G' for 'Greatness' on the team helmet has been their logo since 1961. It is vibrantly reimagined, painted with the artist's bold color and kinetic line work. Surrounding the helmet print is the artist's signature, abstract 'zoople' paintwork- bright, swirling and illuminated against a black paper background, with strokes of heavy acrylic embellishing the work. 

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8.75" x 9.5" ©ALP, Inc.