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French Zero's Girlfriend Ver. VI #3

Acrylic on Canvas

20" x 24"

As Peter Max made the transition from his celebrated Cosmic '60s period, which became a cultural phenomenon, to his own interpretation of neo-expressionism; his style evolved from broad, flat color planes to texture-rich brush strokes, swirling in color. 'French Zero's Girlfriend' is representative of this, Max's own expressionistic style, with colors that are uniquely Max in their boldness and juxtaposition. 

A rarely painted figure in Peter Max's pantheon of characters, each representing themes and symbols for the artist, 'French Zero's Girlfriend' wears a derby hat, jacket and monocle like her boyfriend, 'Zero Megalopolis,' and sits amid swirls of expressionistic flowers, painted in a soft palette with bold accentuations. 

©ALP, Inc.

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