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Beauty / Fauve Ver. I #31

Mixed Media on Paper

20" x 16"

In 'Beauty/ Fauve,' a joyous flourish of leaves and flowers, rendered in lush, energetic brushwork and bombastic, fauvist color meet the lady's soft, pale skin and profile, gently rendered in elegant line work. With her eyes closed, the beauty is content in her repose. This piece, with focus on painterly qualities, strong color and emotion, is titled to pay homage to the fauvist painting style that has influenced the artist's work. 

Peter Max's female profiles are one of his most pre-eminent signatures, and a collector favorite. Emerging as sketches as early as 1967 and evolving through styles and mediums; the artist's profiles, with their sparse contour of simple, perfect lines, are reminiscent of the works of Matisse and Picasso. 

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